What Roof Types are Compatible with Solar Panels in New Mexico

When researching solar panels and envisioning them on your roof, it begs the question Is my roof compatible with solar panels? Let’s investigate.
By far the most popular roofing material is asphalt shingles and solar panels work well on this type of roof. Asphalt shingles last about 20 years which is a long time. Solar panels often last 25-30 years. Before solar panel installation, you will need to know just how old your asphalt shingle roof is and what kind of shape it’s currently in. If your roof is in rough condition or approaching its intended lifespan, consider replacing it before installation especially since you don’t want to have to replace the roof long before your panels need to be replaced. Solar panels are also relatively heavy. They are almost the equivalent of adding an entire new layer of shingles onto the already existing shingles. A new roof would ensure that it could withstand the panels and support them for a long time, thus protecting your investment. Although replacing your roof doesn’t necessarily sound like fun, solar panels have the capability to save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run so, it is a good investment.
In regards to clay, slate , or concrete tile roofs, a different type of strategy has to be implemented. In more sunnier areas like here in New Mexico, the decorative tile roofs are very popular. In order to best suit these types of material roofs, solar installers have had to create a different type of installation strategy in order for their customers to still receive the benefits of solar panels. With asphalt shingles, most installers would simply just drill into the roof in order to attach mounting brackets. With clay, slate, or concrete tiles, installers can’t just drill directly into the roof, at the fear of damaging the tiles. The best course of action to install solar panels to these types of roofs is to have installers remove the tiles in the areas that they need, and drill into your roof in order to attach mounting brackets. Once the area is sealed off, you can replace the tile with the tile replacer mount, which also offers another level of protection against leaks. Overall, it is very much impossible to install solar panels to these types of roofs. If you have a different type of roof, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t partake in receiving the benefits of solar panel installation.
On the other hand, there are metal roofs. In regards to metal roofs, they are actually thought to be the best roofing material for solar panels in specific. Metal roofs are usually made of an eco-friendly recycled material and are pretty light and durable. With metal roofs, they are much easier to install solar panels upon since they’re made of an easy-to-use material. Metal roofs are very seamless and streamlined so there is little left to the imagination upon installation, making it one of the easiest materials to install upon. Solar panels on metal roofs can also assist in cooling off metal roofs especially in hot climates like here in New Mexico. Additionally, solar panels in conjunction with a metal roof pair together to make an eco-friendly home. A metal roof can aid in receiving points from green building certification programs and collectives like Energy Star and LEED. These collectives encourage removable energy in homes, such like solar panels. Both solar panels and metal roofs are also recyclable at the end of their lifespans, making it better for the environment.
Regardless of the type of roof that you have, consult with a solar panel specialist in order to see what the best course of action is for your roof in regards to installation. Partake in the energy source of the future and save yourself a ton of money in the long run.
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