Should COVID-19 Stop your Search for a Solar Energy System Provider in New Mexico?

Although this pandemic has impacted everyone globally, it doesn’t have to halt your search for solar energy system installation. Solar panels are the future of electricity. Solar panels utilize the sun and turn it into energy in order to power your home or business. This cuts down the costs of your electricity bills, as well as benefits the environment.
Since the outbreak of this pandemic, many businesses have been divided into “essential” and “non-essential” businesses. Even though it may seem like solar panel companies aren’t a necessity in this particular world climate, they very much are. This pandemic has impacted everyone on this planet and has caused a lot of uncertainty in our world. That uncertainty encompasses things like increases in unemployment and increase in job layoffs. With a lot of financial uncertainty, it could be a smart move to go solar. Although solar panels are an investment, they save you money in the long run. Solar panels have the capability to eradicate your electricity bill altogether, especially in a sunny place like here in New Mexico. This type of business is essential because people can greatly benefit from installation even though they may be currently experiencing financial hardships. Ensure a better tomorrow with the use of solar panels.
One of the more positive results from this pandemic is the shift to virtual communication. Many industries are making the move to virtual communication in efforts to keep business running as smoothly and as normally as possible. With that being said, it is possible to purchase solar energy systems virtually. With the assistance of your solar consultant you can purchase solar panels through the use of virtual mediums and limit the amount of time in at-risk situations. You can also plan ahead for in-person installation and create a strategy that ensures the safety of everyone involved. It is J and R Solar’s practice to have communication by phone to establish which method makes you more comfortable. The installation crew does not typically need to meet with you directly, unless that is your choice. If you choose to meet face to face with the solar installers, we always recommend wearing protective face masks and perhaps gloves. We practice safety practices recommended by the CDC when meeting clients and going over final details before installation. Although our world is constantly shifting and many things are up in the air, this new world has now created ways for you to still purchase the perfect solar energy system for your individual needs.
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